Maslenica Bridge

Very seldom, a contemporary Croatian bridge had such an unusual destiny like this bridge over Maslenica gorge, that carries the name Maslenica Bridge or lately, very often Old Maslenica Bridge, so it could be distinguished from a new concrete bridge, not far away, a part of the highway Zagreb – Split.

Almost everybody, and this will doubtless remain, considered Maslenica Bridge the most beautiful one in Croatia. Especially for its perfect fit into the stingy rocky ground, where the vegetation has a rare presence. Actually, it was and remained some kind of Croatian cultural good – a monument of contemporary architectural Croatian heritage. The Old Maslenica Bridge, now being part of the regional road instead of a highway, has significantly less traffic than its neighbor New Maslenica bridge. But for those who drive along our coast, love to enjoy beauty rather than speed, it is an important destination. Because of significantly less traffic than it had in its “first life”, because now, it is out of the main traffic trajectory, probably, once a nice motel above the bridge will never be renovated. It is certain this bridge during the strong bora (NE wind) times shields travellers better than its much bigger twin brother.