Modrič Cave

Modrič Cave was accidentally discovered in 1980, although its location is relatively close to the Jadranska magistrala road, at only 29 metres above the sea level.

Existing geomorphological, archaeological and speleological explorations tell us about the cave’s natural and scientific value. Some 800 metres of this cave give a special experience of the underground world: completely untouched nature, no concrete paved trails, no spotlights or mass tourist groups. The cave has an indented shape, distinctive for alternate sequencing of narrow stalagmite slits and bigger spacious halls in two directions. It is decorated with extraordinary precipitated calcite forms. You’ll find yourself surrounded by the world of stalactites, stalagmites, imaginative pillar forms alike jelly-fish, cuttlefish, Red queen … whatever your imagination allows you to think. The interior of the cave is easy to walk because the channels have enough height and width for passage, but without an expert guide and specific equipment, it is not possible to explore the cave.