Jasenice is located in the southern part of the Velebit sub-mountains. Today, they consist of a couple of separate hamlets originating from old ones belonging to Jasenice – Modrič, Rovanjska, Maslenica and Jasenice. The Jasenice area stretches from Modrič hamlet in the west to the former “Glinica” factory above Obrovac town in the east and in the north from the peaks of Velebit and mountain pass Mali Alan to the Novigrad Sea in the south.

Jasenice is a type of scattered village, consisting of a series of hamlets, whose residents were mainly occupied with livestock farming in the past. Jasenice passes one of the most famous sections of the A1 highway from St Rok tunnel to Rovanjska and the gorge of Novigrad Sea, bridged by two bridges: The “new” one in Rovanjska and the “old” one in Maslenica. Jasenice abounds with natural beauties, such as Velebit landscapes (Mali Alan, Tulove grede, Podprag, Gornja and Donja bukva, Libinje, Kraljičina vrata) and above Jasenice dominates the second highest mountain peak of Velebit – Sveto brdo (Holly hill) peaking at 1.753 m. The Canyon of Zrmanja River from Obrovac to the estuary in the Novigrad Sea cuts the south-eastern border of Jasenice towards neighbouring Kruševo. On the way out of Rovanjska, on Matekova punta there is one of the most famous Croatian caves – Modrič špilja, explored to the length of 829 metres.