Nature Park Vransko jezero (Vrana lake)

This biggest sweet water lake in Croatia, like the rest of the region, has turbulent and noble history. Once, many times a larger swamp, with heroic sacrifice and persistence of a noble family Borelli was turned into a picturesque lake. Besides many effluents, today is big Pakoško polje (field), an agricultural area that nurtured this region.

Some legends say that in the lake’s depth sleeps a scary dragon, but what isn’t a legend is an Ornithological reserve, a natural waterfowl bird habitat. During the sunny winter days about 100 000 birds sway on the lake, enjoying mild climate and plenty of food. In abundance of fish, catching big is a common thing on Vrana Lake. Seldom, a catch of up to 200 kilos colossus, mainly catfish, happens.